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Entrepreneur, Mentor, Leader

Tabatha M. W. Spurlock


Network Vice President, Virginia


The article below was featured on the website EMPOWERED MOMS on November 9, 2015!!!

"I was raised in a low-income development from the time I was born until the month I graduated high school at age 17. I learned many valuables lessons as the oldest of three...watching my single mother work multiple jobs at a time. I definitely inherited her strong work ethic and her “Don’t Settle” motto.

My professional background consists of education, starting and running a non-profit, and being an entrepreneur. My current position is K-12 Intervention Specialist where I oversee mentoring, evening school, and safe and drug free programs for my district. I have always maintained a BUSY schedule! 

In 2006, I married my best friend and inherited a son. In 2011, our daughter was born. In February 2012, my husband felt he wasn’t earning enough. So, he connected with an old friend and started our Legalshield business. Now, he didn’t tell me until a month later because he knew I’d be skeptical – he was right! I struggled to understand the business and fought against it from time to time, but, as a supportive wife, I started studying the website and attending events with him to learn.

Over the past three years, our LegalShield business has allowed us to DREAM. Dreaming  was something I’d never done. My mom taught me what she knew - go to school, get good grades, graduate, go to college, …. and I DID ALL THAT IN THAT ORDER. However, Legalshield has shown us a different, non-traditional way of living and working on our own terms. We've been able to build a $100K annual income from HOME! We’ve also been fortunate to enjoy several FREE trips, earn a BMW my husband loves to drive, and help many others achieve the success they desire, too. All this while building residual income for our future.

I’m a very spiritual person. I understand the Lord knows the plans HE has for my family (and me personally), and as long as we delight ourselves in Him, HE will give us the desires of our heart.

I'm grateful to my husband for starting LegalShield – he took a risk and it has more than paid off! While I still work full-time, run my non-profit, help raise our kids and help build our Legalshield business where and when I can … even with my exhausting schedule, there are NO EXCUSES for us not being successful in this business! Our children deserve the best lifestyle we can afford them. I’m proud to be a great example of a strong work ethic for my daughter at her early age - like my mom was for me – while also teaching both our children how hardwork and perseverance pays off."

~ Tabatha Spurlock
Chester, Virginia

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